Cubicles and Casinos

I have read that Casinos employ a simple strategy to keep people trapped inside for hours without making them realize it. Casinos have no windows. People don’t realize how long they have been playing because there is no natural indication of time. The sun may set and the moon may shine but the casino remains delightfully consistent – bright, colorful, loud and carnival like.

I have been working in a corporate workplace over the past one month. When I walk into the place at any time of the day, it feels exactly the same – the same light toned colors, the even spaced wall lighting, the eerie silence, a sea of heads. And one day it hit me – no Windows. There isn’t a single window on the entire floor. No wait, there is a 5 by 5 window in the tiny little kitchen.

I have come to make peace with the fact that such a setup might be essential to productivity. By controlling the variables of the environment and providing a consistent, never changing, pleasant ambience, you kill all distractions. The only choice a worker has is to look straight into his monitor for 8 hrs.
It makes sense, doesn’t it?
Imagine that you had to take notes all day using a pencil and every time you picked one up it turned out to be of a different girth, or a different colour, or of a different length. How annoying would that be!
It makes sense, doesn’t it?

On an unrelated note, I accidently broke my company ID card’s belt because of which I couldn’t wear the ID around my neck. As I was entering the office floor, just about to tap the ID on the security device, I was summoned by the security guard.
S (stern face) – Why isn’t the ID around your neck?
Me (flippity flip) – Oh, it broke.
S (popping vein) – I’ll report you to your Supervisor.
*undertone – be scared, oh so scared*
Me (flip flip flip) – Ok.

19th century factories.


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